Ionix® Supreme

Your body and mind crave balance. But finding it isn’t always easy, especially in an increasingly noisy world. Turn down the volume on the world with this nutrient-rich, adaptogenic tonic*. Because when you can’t find your balance, you can always make it with Ionix Supreme.

  • Adapt naturally. Made with natural adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola.
  • Stay away, fake stuff. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.
  • Pick your antidote. Liquid, powder, or convenient individual sticks.
  • Press Pause
    Find that crucial moment to balance and recharge. The adaptogens found in Ionix® Supreme help the body and mind recover from everyday life and maintain equilibrium.*
    Stay Focused
    Adaptogens help improve cognitive function and memory.* That means better focus and a higher chance you’ll remember where you put that important thing you misplaced. Remember that thing? Now you do.
    Protect What Matters
    A strong immune system is more important than ever. Ionix Supreme combines the adaptogens found in nature for an improved immune system and lasting health.* What a relief.
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What’s Inside

Meet the adaptogens ...

It might be the first time you’re hearing about this powerful herb, but it’s been used as a relaxation aid for over 3,000 years.*
Goji Berry
Aka wolfberry, aka the superfood filled with over 21 vitamins and minerals.
The endurance adaptogen that keeps immune systems strong.*
Eleuthero Root
Why, hello improved focus and cognitive function, come on in. Stay a while.*
Burn bright, not out. Rhodiola has properties associated with managing burnout and fatigue.*
Improve your focus and feel more energized at the same time!* How great is that?
Frequently Asked

Your questions, answered

  • How should I take Ionix Supreme?
  • What are adaptogens, and why are they important?
  • How is Ionix Supreme different from the other rejuvenating drinks available on the market today?
  • What makes Ionix Supreme unique?


4.7 Of 5 By 236 Users
July 19,2021
Ginny Arundell

This is my favorite product as it gives me a lift everyday. I know the ingredients are beneficial and use it as my daily pick me up after my workouts. It is very refreshing in the afternoon when you have a bit of a mid-afternoon slump so I sometimes drink it twice a day. I like the powder form.

June 30,2021
Monica Moura

The taste had to grow on me but once I learned what it was made of and how it helps my body bounce back with no caffine, I was all in. Tasty and fresh I drink the liquid every morning when I first wake up. I use the sticks for a second or third dose and when traveling. I really love feeling my best self and Ionics is a life changing product.

June 17,2021
Leeann Barnes

Love it actually wake up craving it

June 10,2021
Julie Kraft

This is an extremely good product!!

June 09,2021

Great product. I got the sticks to make it easier to travel with and very pleased with the taste and the results!

June 02,2021

This is by far my favorite product. It keeps me calm and balanced.

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